Centre managers – Dawn + Mike Melton

AM2 Assessor – Mike Melton

Admin / Accounts – Dawn Melton


About the centre
Our new Endpoint Assessment centre is compliant with Covid-19 guidelines. When entering and exiting the centre, please wear a face covering and maintain social distancing.


Test equipment
The test equipment that is available will be a choice of

Megger 1700 series                              Fluke 1600 series                               Kewtech KT65

                                        Kewtech KT65DL Front

Hand Tools
Candidates are not permitted to use their own tools. All tools will be provided.


Phones / smart watches
We have a strict policy about electronic devices within the centre. You either need to leave phones and smart watches etc outside the centre or have them locked in a cabinet whilst you are carrying out your assessment.


There are tea / coffee / water facilities within the centre, and we are a short walk from various takeaway restaurants.

Call us to book your test on 0151 705 7398 Wear a mask - no phones - PPE